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Spiritual Healing

The practice of Spiritual Healing comes from traditional Maya healers who believe there are spiritual diseases such as susto (fright/trauma), pesar (grief/loss), tristessa (sadness/depression), coraje (anger), and envidia (envy/jealousy). It is believed that clearing heavy emotions allows people to walk lighter along their journey in this world. Spiritual Healing can be done many ways. The traditions I use are that of Maya spiritual bathing and aspersions, and Peruvian mesa healing. 

Guided Visualizations, Meditation, and Journeying

These beautiful practices allow your conscious mind to rest and your unconscious mind to express itself through visualizations, emotions, and physical sensations. These are helpful in both releasing and calling in energies, bringing awareness to what is moving in the subconscious, and bring healing to the parts of yourself in need. 


Sound Healing 

Sound moves energy and brings the body back to a place of resonance to allow the body to return to homeostasis. Sound also opens up the voice of the soul to express itself. There are many ways I incorporate sound and vibration in my practice. Tuning forks, singing bowls, rattles, drums, and voice are some of my tools.


Crystal Healing 

Crystals and stones are used for their specific frequencies—they help shift the frequencies in your body to allow for a natural state of balance to unfold. Crystals are either laid on your body or used as a tool to help rebalance your etheric body.  

Plant Spirit Medicine 

Herbs and flowers hold many healing properties and can be utilized in many ways to tone, balance, clear, align, and support the physical, emotional, and energetic systems. These may be administered through the use of fire and water cleansing, or essential oils, or you may even be given tools to use at home: herbal steams, plant baths, and tea infusions work especially well.


Soul Retrieval

Indigenous healers around the world believe that trauma and shock cause a part of our soul to split from our being. Through soul retrieval we will identify that trauma and work on making your soul whole again.



In shamanism there is no bad energy, only misplaced or unbalanced energy. Misplaced energy can come from a person, place, experience or a thought-form/pattern. Through extraction, we work with releasing energy that is not in alignment with your highest good.


Energy Soul Coaching

Through reflection and curiosity we can explore the old patterns that hold you back, the inner child that yearns for expression, the new potential paradigms to call into your life, and how to be an empowered and awake being for these critical times.

Emotion Code and Body Code Maps

Emotion Code and Body Code Mapping bring to consciousness the underlying imbalances that are contributing to your current imbalance. Muscle testing or dowsing allows your body to communicate where imbalances are present within your various energy and bodily systems so that the balances may be restored.


HuMethod Exercises

The Holistic Learning Center (HLC) Self-Mastery and Spiritual Life Coaching program allows me to offer methods to help you discover hidden belief systems that are negatively programing your life. You will learn the process of unweaving them, healing the parts of yourself that have been hurt by these beliefs, and Self-Parent the wounded parts of yourself so that they will integrate back into your whole being once again.

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