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New Things This Spring and Celebrating My birthday!

I'm excited to announce a new name, new look, new offerings, and a celebratory gift for you.

New Name, New Look, Expanded Energy

My business name has gone through a few variations but Shungo is the core concept and name that I have rested upon for over 15 years. The word shungo is not found in my own language nor in my heritage. It is a Quechua term that is used within a spiritual tradition (a mesa-carrying tradition) that I deeply connect with, and it and has been my guiding light on my own spiritual journey for over 20 years.

I have always held this word and its concept in reverence and sacredness, especially on account of what it has imbued into my practice with working with the center of our physical body and the heart of our spiritual body. I feel blessed by the energy of Shungo and its origins, and while it will continue to hold deep meaning and an energy within my work, it is time for me to step out from behind the business name Shungo Healing.

I am delighted to share with you I will now be standing with my own name, as Moira Scullion, Inc. Medicine of the Soul, for the work I will continue to be in service of. I will continue to explore how our deepest healing comes from the heart and center of our being (Shungo), and how that is the medicine of the soul.

I love my new logo! I want to thank and acknowledge Julia from Folia Designs in Napa, California, for helping me bring this new logo to life—one that expresses this amazing multidimensional, relational journey of life while on this deeply grounding planet, which is itself moving through a galaxy and universe that we can only hope to fully understand. This journey of meeting what shows up in our bodies, minds, spirits and our multidimensional lives with curiosity, compassion and a willingness to look for the medicine in everything.

New Offerings

For over 25 years I've worked in person doing bodywork and energywork, holding a container of healing for the highest good of each person who steps into my office. In that time and through my own spiritual journey, I have come to know energy as being beyond space and time. As quantum physics and the principle of quantum entanglement express one aspect of this: two particles when separated by great distances can affect each other (Caltech explains it better). Shamans have been working within and with this knowing for centuries.

I am grateful and excited to step deeper into this quantum field with what I am calling Transformational Energy Healing, Coaching, and Guidance. Together, we will work with stuck or contracted energy, how it shows up in your life and in your body, and bring movement to these stuck places to support you in your continued journey of healing. This helps you work through old repetitive patterns, new challenges, chronic physical and emotional conditions through the lens of your energetic body. Learn about remote work through Distance Healing and Energy Coaching.

I’m celebrating my Birthday with a Gift for you!

April is my birthday month! I'm an Aries, although apparently not a very typical one. With my birthday I find that I am being birthed into a larger container of my work, and to celebrate this I'm gifting you with a discount to experience this new remote energy healing and coaching work.

These remote sessions are done by Zoom, so no one is limited from engaging in this work by distance. To find out more about these sessions and how they work, click here to be taken to my website.

These remote sessions are typically 60-minutes for $115. In celebration of my birthday, for the month of April, “I’m offering these sessions for only $75”

After April, you can look for a discount of 10% after your first session of any given month.

These sessions can be booked as single, one-time healings, or as frequent sessions to provide continued support to your work at looking at how to transform old patterns and move through current challenges with mindfulness, as well as learn how to be in better relationship with the energies that are showing up for you.

Looking Forward

I look forward to sharing some writings or a video with helpful tools or concepts with you each month to help support your own medicine walk. Next month, I'll talk about how our digestive systems not only helps us digest our food but it helps us process our life on an emotional and energetic level.

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Hi Moira, I enjoy your new blog and excited to experience you expanding your energy, healing and information practice with it. I especially like your emphasis on medicine for the Soul and laughed at the term “weird” you highlighted to describe its expression. Blessings on your ongoing exploring, expanding and sharing of Soul Medicine Wisdom.🙏🎆😇

Gefällt mir
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