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Medicine of the Soul Journey

Energy Healing, Guidance and Coaching 


$130 per hour

60-minute sessions on Zoom or In-Person

Each session after the first one in a month is $110

In this active session, you will enter the healing field in a wakeful, conscious state. Having already identified what issue you’d like to work on during our conversation at the beginning of your session, I will guide you through tuning into your body and “seeing” how and where that issue is held in your body.


Through your perception and awareness and my active support, we will listen to, feel, see, and follow that energy.   We will intentionally allow it to unfold and unwind by welcoming it to be witnessed and express its messages—we lovingly witness it throughout this process.

It is this loving and accepting witnessing that allows those parts of us that have been bound and limited to willingly engage in the process of releasing. We intentionally provide a sacred space for these wounded parts to be seen, and by doing so, we can begin to be in relationship with them and tend to them in the ways they need, especially in the beginning, until they are ready to integrate within our larger Self.  

Unlike typical coaching sessions which are based on the masculine-energy version of goals, actions, and accountability—a reach toward an external wisdom held outside of ourselves, these somatic guidance and coaching sessions are based and held in feminine energy in which we create a compassionate container to follow the energy as it emerges. This allows wisdom to unfold from its source, from within. 


This work is about developing relationship with the greater presence within you: your Self. This fosters mindfulness and curiosity about all of your external relationships and the wisdom emerging from everything. This work allows us to become a co-creative force within our own lives, to be in and create better relationships with our bodies, wounds, joys, challenges, nature, people and community, as well as open to experience more from a spiritual lens. 

These sessions are best done within a framework of ongoing personal growth work, whether or not you are in talk or another form of therapy. While you can do one session at a time, for optimal movement, a two–month commitment is recommended. Sessions can be once a week or once every other week. Sessions can be mixed with Remote Energy Healing every other week as well.  This journey is created as your medicine emerges from your soul.  

After a Session 

After any remote session, I suggest you be gentle with yourself and drink plenty of water. The remote session itself is only one aspect of the healing work involved: You’ll notice that the healing done, and changes made, during the session will continue to unweave the old patterns and release/shift stuck places over the next days, weeks, and even months. It is your work to stay present and compassionate with yourself as these energies within you continue to unweave and then reweave into new patterns. The choices you make and the mindfulness you keep will determine how those new patterns get created and what they become.


Every session is different and variations in these formats often come through. My role is to hold the field for whatever medicine is needed for your highest good. The results will vary with each person and each session, and are always reflective of your present challenges and session intent.

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