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Remote Energy Healing

In shamanic teachings and under the theories of quantum physics, time and space are collapsible into the present moment. That means we have access to all space and time from where we are—maybe not in a physical way, but through the field of energy. That also means that we have access to a field of unlimited potential—the great mystery—that includes all space and all time.


In a remote session we connect through and to the present moment, which is beyond space and time.   This means we can connect with each other and to All within the present moment just as easily and effectively as when we are in person. The Divine lives in the present, where the sacred emerges, and where our hearts can and do move beyond hurt and contraction into expansion and love.


In these expansive remote sessions, we step beyond the physical into the space of divine mystery and we co-create a field of healing where we have access to this infinite potential, and call in the guides, wisdom keepers, angels, and highest vibrational love to help you unweave old patterns, clear debris, and bring light into the spaces within and around you, literal and energetic—to help you unweave that which no longer serves you and then reweave a new way of being.


Energy Healing on Zoom 


60-minute sessions on Zoom or In-Person

Each session after the first one in a month is $110

In a passive state of receiving, you’ll enter into the healing field of the present moment with the intention and openness of a receiving mindset. You’ll make yourself comfortable on a bed or in a cozy chair, then I’ll lead you into a calming meditation that will allow your systems to relax and move into the session. At the point when the music becomes louder, I will stop talking and begin to tune into your energy—I connect to you and your guides, as well as my healing team and all beings of highest light and love. I then open up the channel to receive information on your behalf and work with your energy field for healing for your highest good. When the healing is complete I'll slowly lead you back into a more awakened state.  I'll share any information that came through in the session and you'll share anything about your experience you feel the calling to express.  


Energy Healing no contact

30–45 minute session 

all communication is through email

If you have gone through a time that has left you feeling remarkably depleted or have extenuating circumstances., I also offer a complete distance healing session option.


No need to get on a Zoom or phone call. You can email me with the issue you want to address, and we'll set an appointment time for when you know you won’t be disturbed and can remain relaxed and in a receiving state. Afterward I will email you with any information that came through in your session. 

Healing from Surgery

To support your physical body in greater healing from surgery, a pre and post energetic surgical healing helps prepare your energetic body (and therefore your physical body) for the experience of surgery. 

60 minute session is divided into 30 minute session pre-surgery and 30 minutes post-surgery. 



After a Session

After any remote session, I suggest you be gentle with yourself and drink plenty of water. The remote session itself is only one aspect of the healing work involved: You’ll notice that the healing done, and changes made, during the session will continue to unweave the old patterns and release/shift stuck places over the next days, weeks, and even months. It is your work to stay present and compassionate with yourself as these energies within you continue to unweave and then reweave into new patterns. The choices you make and the mindfulness you keep will determine how those new patterns get created and what they become.


Every session is different and variations in these formats often come through. My role is to hold the field for whatever medicine is needed for your highest good. The results will vary with each person and each session, and are always reflective of your present challenges and session intent.

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