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Professional Accreditations


Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)


Professional Membership:

American Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)



Chicago School of Massage Therapy – 1999

B.A. Loyola University of Chicago – 1996

Professional Development


Mateo Magee - Living the Ceremony

    Ongoing Apprenticeship in Shamanic Studies  (4/17 to Present)

The Embody Lab

    Integrative Somatics Parts Work Level 2 (12/22)

    Integrative Somatics Parts Work Level 1 (12/22)

Trauma Informed Bodywork

     Embodying Resilience - Healing Trauma  (11/22)

Heart Math

     The Resilient Heart: Trauma Sensitive HeartMath  (2/22)

Holistic Learning Center 

     Spiritual Life Coach Certification  (5/20)

     Self-Mastery Coach Certification  (10/19)

The Art of Cupping 

    Basic Cupping for Health and Vitality  (5/18)

    Silicone Moving Cups  (5/18)

 Thai Abdominal Massage with Felicity Joy

    Level 2: Blood and Flushing the Organs  (8/17)

    Level 1: Digestive & Detoxification  (8/16)

Center for Sacred Studies

    Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training  (2/12 to 2/14)

    Stargate Mystery School  (2/11 to 11/11)

    Ministerial Training Program  (4/09 to 4/11)

Everyday Medicine Woman

    Reading the Akashic Records for Others  (12/14)

    Reading Your Own Akashic Records  (11/14) & (09/07)

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

    ATMAT for Conception, Pre-Natal & Post-Natal  (05/14)     

    Spiritual Healing II  (02/09)

    Spiritual Healing I   (03/06)

    Women's Health Intensive  (09/06) 

    Level Three: Certification  (10/06)

    Level Two: Professional  (09/05)

    Level One: Self-Care  (06/04) 

Barral Institute

      Visceral Manipulation II  (12/10)

      Visceral Manipulation I  (10/10)

Chicago College of Healing Arts

     Foundations in Herbalism  (3/08 to 3/09)

Rainbow Journey, LLC

     Two-Year Shamanic Studies Apprenticeship  (01/04 to 11/05)

            with Dr. Tom Voitas, DC, and Susan Lipschutz, LSCW 

Christopher Alvarado

     Gender Influences in Massage Therapy  (07/06)

Ben Benjamin Advanced Training Midwest: Orthopedic Massage Workshops

     Neck Injuries  (04/03)

     Knee, Hip, and Thigh  (01/02)

     Shoulder/Elbow  (11/01)

     Common Injuries  (10/01)

Kate Jordan Seminars: Bodywork for the Childbearing Year

     Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Therapy  (04/02)

The Chicago School of Massage Therapy 

     Shoshin Shiatsu: A Four-Day Training in Energetic Attunement  (05/05)

     Post-Event Sports Massage at Chicago Marathon  (10/04)

     Entering the Dreamtime: A Shamanic Exploration  (03/03)

     Precision NMT: Head, Neck & TMJ - 18 hours  (01/03)

     Are There Shadows Lurking at Your Boundaries: Ethics - 3 hours  (02/02)

     Clinical Applications for Therapeutic Massage II: Lower Extremity - 7 hours  (02/02)

     Clinical Applications for Therapeutic Massage I: Headache - 7 hours  (01/02)

     Myofascial Massage Therapy - 75 hours  (05/00 to 07/00)

 The Usui School of the Seeker's Path

     Second Degree Reiki  (04/00)

     First Degree Reiki  (02/00)

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