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Integrative Healing  is a body of medicine work that comes out of my lifelong apprenticeship with many teachers: through ancient traditions such as Maya and Thai bodywork, shamanic ceremony and ritual(rooted in Peruvian, Maya, and Native American traditions), massage, breathwork, energy medicine, sound and crystal healing, as well as my spiritual journey, energies within myself and beings beyond myself. Through this body of teachings, I have learned the most valuable space is the heart of the present moment. The present moment is where unlimited potential exists, and that is where deep healing begins. This is the true medicine.

We open the doorway of the present moment, connect with wisdom and guidance of the ancient ones, our ancestors, the Earth, her sacred elements, and other spirit allies. The precious field of healing for the highest good is always guided by the divine and I am honored to hold this field where we intentionally engage for your highest Self.  

Sessions vary in nature.  Within this collaborative process of connection, we work in the potent unseen field of the sacred for healing and growth empowering you to strengthen your relationship with your greater self. Below you will find the methods I use and teach, so that you may continue the work and so, help yourself in life.   


In-Office sessions usually begin with a check in and review of your present challenges and intentions for our session. Each session is unique for every person. Soul coaching, meditation, sound, crystal, energy medicine, soul coaching and many other tools will be utilized to work with your intent. After, the medicine of your soul is established and created followed by a reflection of your experiences with recommendations for future, self-care and personal study. 

An initial session in office is two hours and follow up sessions are approximately 90 minutes.

Remote Healing

In shamanic teachings time and space are collapsible into the present moment.  A remote session allows us to consciously connect to the present moment, beyond space and time, and lets us call upon the unseen world, allowing for access to infinite levels of energy. Magical describes what may show up between the calling of soul and the wisdom of your guides. These results will vary with each person and each session and are always reflective of your present challenges and session intent.

Virtual sessions are 60 minutes


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