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Integrative Healing


Integrative Healing is a body of medicine work that comes out of my lifelong apprenticeship with many teachers through ancient traditions such as Maya and Thai bodywork, shamanic ceremony and ritual (rooted in Peruvian, Maya, and Native American traditions), massage, breathwork, energy medicine, and sound and crystal healing, as well as through my personal spiritual journey with energies within myself and allies beyond myself.

In-office sessions usually begin with a check in and review of your present challenges and intentions for our session. Each session is unique for every person and vary in nature. Sessions are based in shamanic energy medicine and any bodywork included is for the sake of moving stuck energy and aiding the body in release and ease. Within this collaborative process of connection, we work in the potent, unseen field of the sacred for healing and growth, empowering you to strengthen your relationship with your greater Self.   After, we will check in by a reflection of our experiences with recommendations for future, self-care and personal study.

An initial in-office session is 2 hours and $230. Follow-up sessions are approximately 90 minutes, $170, and vary depending on how much time and space is needed for you to integrate and center yourself before returning to the 3D world. 

After a Session

After any session, I suggest you be gentle with yourself and drink plenty of water. The session itself is only one aspect of the healing work involved: You’ll notice that the healing done, and changes made, during the session will continue to unweave the old patterns and release/shift stuck places over the next days, weeks, and even months. It is your work to stay present and compassionate with yourself as these energies within you continue to unweave and then reweave into new patterns. The choices you make and the mindfulness you keep will determine how those new patterns get created and what they become.


Every session is different and variations in these formats often come through. My role is to hold the field for whatever medicine is needed for your highest good. The results will vary with each person and each session, and are always reflective of your present challenges and session intent.

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