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Welcome to the Medicine of the Soul Blog!

Updated: May 2

A new place to explore our inner world and

the magical, weird, challenging and beautiful expressions of healing.

What is Medicine of the Soul? 

When we think of medicine we often think of prescription meds and something we get over the counter at the ‘drug’ store.  But this is only one kind of medicine.  Original peoples from all over the world talk about medicine not just for our bodies but also medicine that is for the spirit or soul of an individual.  That kind of medicine shows up in a variety of forms and shapes and tends to come at just the right time, just the right amount, and just the right type for one’s soul to open up or heal at a deeper more spirit level. There is a mystery and beauty in this kind of medicine. It is not always logical.  I believe it is this innate communication of energy between ourselves and the outside world that not only informs this medicine but also provokes it.  

Have you ever had a bad day and someone comes along and says just the right thing at just the right time and in just the right way that it penetrates right into you and shifts something; you feel lighter, better?    

Have you had the experience of working on a personal issue that just keeps showing up in your life? You begin to give it attention, to tweeze it apart, to give it space within you to occupy more than a corner, and then before you know it something has shifted in you around it. You have an understanding of this wound in a new way. Compassion now fills the space that this personal wound once lived.  You understand yourself better, you understand why it happened, and most importantly you understand how this wound has now served you and helped you grow more fully into yourself.  

This is the medicine I’m talking about. Medicine of and from the Soul. It is medicine that your spirit is longing for, that your soul calls to itself, and the universe and all its capacity shows up in the most beautiful way and a healing occurs.  

It may not always feel so miraculous, it may be the smallest of gestures and the tiniest of healings. But if we are open to a lifetime full of good medicine….ahhhhh….then we are open to a whole universe of potential opening up inside of us.  

This is the magic I embrace in my work, in my life, in my soul.  

My wish for you is to recognize that part of you that is longing for healing. Give it your attention, your time, your love and welcome all the medicine that your Soul calls to itself.   



May your healing be mine and my healing be yours.


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