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Happy New Year Beautiful Ones!

We are diving into the new year and the mystery of what will be. The darkness of winter has descended and to help with all this gloomy weather I’ve begun my evening winter ritual. I light candles to bring light into the space. The light reminds me to be still and allow my systems (body/mind/soul) to be in rest and reflection. Part of that reflection is on my practice and what I am nurturing, releasing and changing. Over the last 23 years my work has shifted from clinical massage to abdominal massage to energy work. It’s been a blessing to be of service in these ways and to experience my work shifting to more transformational energy healing. To allow the continued unfolding of the work It has become important to make space for verbal processing. Due to this time and space needed I have eliminated my 60 minute sessions as well as packages. All follow up sessions are now typically between 75 and 90 minutes. As always a sliding scale is available to those who are in need. There are more changes coming up for me in the new year and I’ll be excited to share them with you as the months roll along. Including more information and a special package on my remote work doing Transformational Energy Healing and Coaching. I look forward to sharing more next month. Thank you so much for your time and your heart. May the new year bring you all the joy your heart can take and may grace fill you on your continued journey of healing.

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