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Updated: Jun 22

A place to explore our inner world and the magical,

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Working with our Wounds  

Connecting to Medicine of the Soul: Working with Our Wounds

In my first blog, I talked about what Medicine of the Soul means to me in general terms. Now, I’d like to dive deeper into this concept and explore how we can cultivate a practice of turning inward to work with our own medicine in a self-healing way.

Medicine shows up both externally and internally but always helps you heal, mend, and grow. It is something that is considered good for you and your soul, even if it doesn’t feel good in the moment. Medicine that comes to you from the outside can look like a gift from someone, a form of natural medicine like herbs or cedar that helps you heal physically or emotionally, an event that makes your soul sing, or a really challenging experience that, once you are through it, you can see how it helped you grow and even heal some part of you.

Internal medicine can be your own innate gifts that help bring love and other contributions to the world, to your community, and to your family and friends. There is also a deeper medicine that we can cultivate, but it means heading into our shadow, our wounds, the parts of us that we try to ignore and push down. 

You may be asking, how can my wounds, trauma, and ‘bad’ parts of me be medicine?

It is precisely these shadows that hold the key to our deepest transformation: they are doorways to healing and freedom.  What lies beyond the shadows, hiding in the corners, may be the best parts of you that are being protected. I’ve seen and experienced the greatest medicine through the process of working with these wounds, holding space for them, loving them, and compassionately witnessing them. This gives them the room they need to change. In the beautiful alchemical shift that occurs through your own brave work, you can change the energy and potency of a wound into your greatest medicine. This is the miracle of inner healing.

But what does this look like, you may be asking? Over the next few blogs, I’ll talk about how we can work with the energy of our body and soul, approaching it as a journey into ourselves. Now there are numerous good ways to work with our shadows and wounds, but I have found that working with the sensory part of ourselves allows us to move beyond words into the transpersonal world within and explore our healing in a way that is supported by the Divine in its many forms.

So, over the next few months, I’ll talk about how you can explore your Medicine through the following: Self-awareness, Sensations, Acknowledgment, Witnessing, Presence, Expressing, Journaling, Channeling, Energy Work, and Prayer/Intention.

Our wounds that lie within are doorways into a greater version of ourselves. These wounds often show up as thought patterns, belief systems, or energy and feelings held in a contracted space in our bodies (i.e., physical ailments without clear cause). This is the perspective that I will be focusing on: how to work with the energies within our bodies, and how to follow the energy and wisdom we innately are, have, and carry.

While I will share how you can begin to do some of this work by yourself, I encourage you to find spaces, places, and people who can support the work that is ‘too big’ for you to address alone. I know for me, sometimes, I’m able to traverse this landscape of doorways alone, and at other times, I need support in moving through it.  If you are in therapy, what I offer and teach is an embodied experience to bring into your talk therapy.

In truth, no matter where you are on your healing journey, you will need loving and supportive others around you. It’s one reason why I offer remote sessions to support clients in this work. We are not meant to do this deep, intense work alone. We are relational beings who have relational wounds that can only be healed in relationship. That is why I am so passionate about my remote work with my clients. My greatest healings have been in the presence of beautiful humans and Divine presence. This healing is available to all of us, and I hope I can offer it to you.

For information about this kind of remote sessions with me click HERE  



I'll be co-hosting two retreats the end of the summer in Iowa!

September 6-8, 2024

Co-host is Elias Patras


The Mother Landscape

Reconnecting with Unconditional Love

October 4-6, 2025 (link coming soon)

Co-host is Jean Tindle



May your healing be mine and my healing be yours.

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