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Exploring Paradox as Soul Growth

Updated: May 10

A place to explore our inner world and the magical,

weird, challenging and beautiful expressions of healing.

the eclipse behind a mountain reflected on shimmering water


There is a collective energy that is extremely intense, and showing up, at least in my world, as paradox. Much like the solar eclipse we experienced, the Sun and the Moon came together in perfect union, creating a field of mystery, complexity, and awe. Paradox is what is opposite and contradictory but still prove themselves to both be true. I find that the Divine shows up in paradox quite often, so I pay attention when it does shows up.

Many of my clients are showing up with extremes in their world; very challenging, even difficult  things, and at the same time for them, there is this space that has opened for change, healing, introspection. I find it may take some deeper reflection, and I'm wondering if you’d be open to explore as we take a look into how paradox maybe showing up in our world. 

There is much happening in our world today that appears to be consumed with large emotions and extreme circumstances; such as war and genocide. These events are being seen like never before, with new eyes, new truths and a new vernacular. The potent“buzz” words in the collective bring a new freedom to speak about, and understand, factors such as neurodivergence, gender fluidity, racism, colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, and trauma. Some brush them off as a buzz terms but the reality is that the acceptance of our collective trauma history is finally being spoken of through these truths. We are finally acknowledging the horrors of our collective past, and ways we can undo the harm for our future. That they are in the vernacular, so potently to me, mean there is a transformation happening to these historical energies.  So yes, there is a lot that is activated AND could be activated because it is time; are we ready for this transformation? Do you feel that you can hold space for this kind of paradox?

On a personal level, this paradox may show up as something happening in your life that is really challenging. It may seem like something new, but more than likely it is really touching upon old energies within you. If you can give room to this challenge, make space for it, and it’s complexities inside of us, then you cany see how this is helping you work through some old pattern and shift it into being within, in a new empowering way.  

It may manifest as something small. You may notice that you are having two opposing feelings about something. A small personal example I’ll share, is that on recent retreat, I was given a choice, but I had a vision of a different choice. I spoke up and shared my vision AND I acknowledged, at the same time, that I might be actually be resisting what was being offered me.  As it turns out, my teacher brought forth a greater version of choice than I could of imagined and I was humbled by it all.  

My experience is that the medicine lies in opening myself up to the BOTH/AND, to the paradox. Moments I have felt the greatest surrender to accepting both/and are the moments I’ve felt the closest to the medicine of my soul and to the Divine.  

My wish for you is that you be open to how paradox shows up in your life and learn to accept the potential medicine in both ‘opposing’ forces.   



May your healing be mine and my healing be yours.

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